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Taiwan Caters to Muslim Tourists, Tastes and Travellers

Writer Arrif Zikri takes us on a whirlwind tour of six must-visit Muslim-friendly hotels and restaurants in Taiwan.

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Writer Arrif Zikri takes us on a whirlwind tour of six must-visit Muslim-friendly hotels and restaurants in Taiwan.

Byline Arif Zikri

Taiwan has been putting effort into becoming an ideal Muslim friendly destination.

And it seems to be paying off, with it ranking top three in the global Muslim Travel Index for Non-OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) destinations for the past three years.

The Halal market is gaining traction in Taiwan, and this was confirmed when it was named the most inclusive destination of the year at the 2023 Halal in Travel Awards.

For weary travellers or those who want a quick go-to-guide, the following are six Muslim-friendly hotels and Halal eateries in Taiwan that have been certified by the Islamic Association of Taiwan as well as by the Chinese Muslim Association.

Kaohsiung Halal Beef Restaurant, Kaohsiung

Located just beside the Kaohsiung Mosque in the Lingya District, the Kaohsiung Halal Beef Restaurant is definitely a must-visit for those looking to try authentic and Halal Taiwanese food — especially for beef lovers.

From beef noodle soup with a hint of mint to savoury fried ‘kangkung’ (water spinach) with beef to stir fry beef kidney and tripe – don’t forget to try it with their special chilli relish.

The cosy corner lot restaurant offers a clean and minimalistic appearance.

Han Hsien International Hotel, Kaohsiung

This five-star hotel located on Sihwei Road doesn’t just offer state of the art facilities across its 42-storey building but also Muslim-friendly accommodations with its rooms including the direction of the Qibla, prayer mats as well as prayer times.

The hotel also has a Halal certified kitchen and serves a Halal breakfast while staff can also provide a list of Halal restaurants nearby.

Aside from that, its in-house restaurant also offers a breathtaking view of Kaohsiung city centre which is not to be missed.

Chen Lili Indonesian Food, Kaohsiung

This Indonesian eatery in Yancheng District is the go-to place if you’re in the mood for Indonesian cuisine.

They offer a wide variety of Indonesian food from Nasi Goreng to Ayam Penyet to chicken noodle Soto with beef meatballs- and aside from its cosy interior, their friendly staff are also there to ensure an excellent dining experience.

Schokolake Country House, Miaoli County

The Schokolake Country House is the dream place for chocolate lovers. Delight in locally-made chocolate from its very own chocolate factory and learn all about its history at their very own chocolate museum.

There is a wide range of Halal chocolate products such as chocolate bars and soft-centre chocolates with a variety of flavours. The country house also has a restaurant that serves Halal food.

Located in between the mountains of Miaoli, the Schokolake Country House also has its own garden pond across the restaurant.

Kunming Islamic Restaurant, Taipei

Tucked behind an alleyway just a few kilometres away from the Taipei Arena, the Kunming Islamic Restaurant is another great place to find authentic Taiwanese food as well as Pan-Asian cuisine.

For Malaysians, they also serve Teh Tarik here!

Vigor Kobo Pineapple Cake Factory, New Taipei City

The Vigor Kobo Pineapple Cake Factory in New Taipei City offers freshly made, Halal-certified Pineapple Cake as well as milk sun cakes.

The Pineapple cake is a must try and, as a touristy treat for folks back home, it is a lovely confectionery gift for loved ones.

They also have a mini tour where you can watch how the pastry is made and even craft your own!

Notes from the Editor: This feature was edited from its original publication here.

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