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About Us

MNATION was born out of the idea that Muslims need a space where they can be free to be themselves and celebrate their own unique understanding of identity and perspectives with like-minded high performers across the globe. Your denomination is none of our business. Your relationship with Allah is personal and we are not here to tell you how to love your Maker. We just want to capture and promote all the richness and variety of muslim achievement from around the world, in all sectors of industry. We are keen to preserve and share all the colourful permutations of Islamic interpretation and understanding, whether it be expressed through business, politics, sport, culture, tech or cuisine, your voice matters, and we want to amplify it! If you have a great story to share, we want to hear from you. Email your submission to the Editor-in-Chief Joanne.smith@mnation.uk Let’s stand united. Let’s uplift our ummah. Let’s move forward together, inshallah!

Meet The Executive


Joanne Leila Smith

Jo is a highly accomplished Professional Editor and Journalist and has over two decades of experience working in Market Development across multi-sector industries. She is a proud Aussie Muslim, wife and mom, a published author and poet, as well as an editor of numerous works for private clients. In her downtime, Jo loves to ponder on the Abrahamic scriptures, play the violin and potter on her farm in SW France.


  • Master of Law, University of Law, London UK
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (English), University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Master of Arts (English, Critical Theory), University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) Southern Cross University, Australia
  • Diploma of Journalism, Macleay College Sydney, Australia

Technical Director

Husni Husen Mohammed

Based in Sweden, Ethiopian-born Husni is a Full Stack Developer whiz in JavaScript/Node.js and Agile development methodologies. He is an expert in DevOps practices, cloud technology and automation and is famous for being The Guy to call when you need to solve a problem, stat! A devoted Muslim, husband, and dad to two rambunctious boys, Husni cherishes family time and enjoys cogitating on all matters existential, whether it be through the lens of theology and epistemology to philosophy and mysticism, Husni is an intellectual with a magic keyboard. He loves football and is an unabashed crime-book junkie.


  • Master of Science (Applied AI & Computer Science), University of Gothenburg & Lulea Uni of Technology, Sweden
  • Master of Science (Production Engineering & Management), Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Bachelor of Science (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Our mission is to uplift the Ummah

Amplify Voices

We provide a platform that celebrates Muslim voices across all regions and sectors of industry.

Balanced Representation

Being non-denominational encourages solidarity, collaboration and community-mindedness.

Editorial Integrity

Our content is carefully curated and published to the highest editorial standards