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Terminus Group Green Lights Green Cities in the GCC

Terminus Group, a global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, officially inaugurates its international headquarters in Dubai UAE this month.

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HAQQ Network Confirms the Launch of its RWA, the Gold Token by Q2 2024

A key part of HAQQ Network’s expansion project is the launch of its Gold token in June, marking a significant step in the network’s larger goal of tokenizing Real-World Assets. HAQQ Network Co-Founder and CEO Alex Malkov shares their exciting and bumpy ride from inception to date.
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Russia Launches Roskachestvo Halal Certification

Certification body Roskachestvo Halal recently launched a Muslim-friendly certification standard for hoteliers and tourism service operators to cater to a growing market segment of Muslim tourists across major Russian cities.

Dubai Police Parades its First Tent Pegging Team

The Dubai Mounted Police has established the UAE's first "Tent Pegging" police team, an officially recognised equestrian sport that showcases riders' high-level skills and abilities in horse handling.

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Archer and Falcon Aviation to Launch Flying Cars by 2025

Archer and Falcon Aviation will jointly develop a vertiport network in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offering thirty-minute flights between the two cities with Archer’s Midnight flying car by 2025.

Dubai Financial Market on Target to Becoming Top Four GFC

The Supreme Committee for the Development of Capital Markets and Exchanges in Dubai round-tabled the latest Dubai Financial Market review, and the results speak for themselves.
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Prime Minister says Shia and Sunni Muslims Pray together in Georgia

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze discusses the social, economic, and spiritual benefits of religious diversity and brotherhood at Iftar this week.

The Heart of Soul and Jazz from US Muslims over the past 100 Years

Many Muslim jazz musicians who developed bebop as a genre were converts to Islam, or were in bands heavily influenced by converts. Writer Denise Oliver Velez takes us on whirlwind tour across the decades.

Cooks & Chefs, Mega Meals and Big Deals at Gulfood 2024

Gulfood 2024 hosted a line-up of Michelin-starred chefs who showcased a variety of culinary tricks from the traditional to the avant-garde.