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Tender Now Open for 400MW Wind Project in Morocco

The Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) has invited companies to prequalify for a contract to develop and operate new onshore wind farms today.

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The Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) has invited companies to prequalify for a contract to develop and operate new onshore wind farms today.

The 400MW Nassim Nord wind power programme includes two wind farms. The first is a 150MW extension to the existing Nassim Koudia Al Baida wind park, located in the Fahs Anjra and Mdiq-Fnideq provinces.

The second scheme, called Nassim Dar Chaoui wind park, will be located in the provinces of Tangier and Tatouiane. It will have a capacity of approximately 250MW.

According to MEED, Masen expects to receive the prequalification submissions on 24 June.

The project will be implemented under a 30-year power-purchase agreement between Masen and the project company that will include the successful bidder.

Masen, either alone or with a Moroccan public entity, will take a 35% stake in both the project company and the operation and maintenance (O&M) company that will be formed for the project.

Masen is expected to issue the request for proposals for the Nassim Nord wind projects in September.

Owned by Masen and France’s EDF Renewables, the Nassim Koudia Al Baida scheme is Morocco’s first wind independent power producer (IPP) project, which had an initial capacity of 50MW. In 2022, additional financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Climate Investment Fund (CTF) aimed to double the plant’s capacity. According to a report by MEED, Masen has invited prequalified developers and developer consortiums to bid for a contract to develop the second phase of its Noor Midelt solar independent power producer (IPP) programme.

Located in central Morocco, the Noor Midelt 2 IPP consists of a 400MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant with battery storage of two hours.

The client expects to receive bids for the contract by 8 July.

Morocco has set a target for 52 per cent of its energy to be produced from clean energy sources by 2030, one of the most ambitious targets in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Morocco aims to bring its renewable capacity to 10,000MW by 2030. Of the total, solar PV is expected to account for 4,500MW, wind for 4,200MW and hydroelectric for 1,300MW.

As a result of comprehensive interpretations of legacy geological data nd new, advanced seismic surveys, regional NOCs were able to announce discoveries of considerable unconventional resources in 2020.

The year also saw state energy players present noteworthy capital expenditure budgets towards the economic recovery of resources, particularly the production of gas, from existing and new tight and shale plays.

Saudi Arabia’s programme has witnessed start-stop periods over decades, during which state energy giant Saudi Aramco had been working to determine the extent and economic potential of reserves available. The kingdom’s campaign was flagged off in 2014, with Aramco awarding UK-based Wood Group a project management services deal, which was extended for two years in January 2020.

There are three areas Aramco has earmarked for commercial development: Turaif in the Northern Borders province and the giant Jafurah basin and South Ghawar, both of which are located in the Eastern Province.

In 2017, the first unconventional gas development project took shape in the north – extracting tight gas from the Turaif deposit to feed a new power station at the nearby Waad al-Shamal industrial city, and thereby solving the problem of the latter lacking a connection to Aramco’s cross-country Master Gas System distribution network.

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