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The Migration from Power Suits to Business Casual to Smart Casual to Office Siren

The recent Tiktok trend of Genzenners trying to reclaim ‘personal power against misogyny’ by dressing as a hooker pretending to be an office worker has left some us scratching our heads.
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The Strategic Alliance Agreement and its Ambitions for a Greater Israel

Balochistan Think Tank Network Research Officer Ali Abbas discusses the proposed US-Saudi Strategic Alliance Agreement in light of the ongoing slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Dubai Pledges to Train One Million People in AI

The first of its kind, the Dubai Future Foundation pledges to train one million people in artificial intelligence within the next three years.

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Malaysia Clinches USB 6 Billion Boost to its Cloud Economy

AWS says there’s a high demand for cloud services in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia, promising USD 6 Billion infrastructure investment in Malaysia by 2037.

The Muslim Vote Matters in the 2024 UK Election

Grassroots organisation The Muslim Vote aims to mobilise our brothers and sisters to vote in targeted constituencies where Muslims make up over ten percent of the electorate. Check out the list of independent MPs if you, like many of us, desire a sweeping change from the current state of affairs.
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Terminus Group Green Lights Green Cities in the GCC

Terminus Group, a global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, officially inaugurates its international headquarters in Dubai UAE this month.

Old Moroccan Tradition Heralds New Spring Orange Blossoms

A foreshadowing of paradise for some, Moroccan sisters get their distillation coppers brewing orange blossom teas and honey-laden pastries to welcome the Spring.

QatarEnergy, CPChem Break Ground with Mega Projects

From Houston Texas to Rass Laffan Qatar, CPChem and QatarEnergy’s mega-deals have mega goals for the global petrochemical markets.