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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Joanne Smith


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Jam, the Preserves of People, Place and Power

In the northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing, the season for turning stone fruits and sweet n’ tart berries into delicious jams and preserves for the next winter’s stock.

The Migration from Power Suits to Business Casual to Smart Casual to Office Siren

The recent Tiktok trend of Genzenners trying to reclaim ‘personal power against misogyny’ by dressing as a hooker pretending to be an office worker has left some us scratching our heads.

The Muslim Vote Matters in the 2024 UK Election

Grassroots organisation The Muslim Vote aims to mobilise our brothers and sisters to vote in targeted constituencies where Muslims make up over ten percent of the electorate. Check out the list of independent MPs if you, like many of us, desire a sweeping change from the current state of affairs.

Weaponising Content Marketing: A ‘Free Press’ Never Existed and Everybody Knows It

Before the printing press, the minstrels of the ruling classes would sing and amuse villagers with palace propaganda from town to town.  In modern journalism aka content marketing, the concept and demand remains, except that the real-world impact of weaponising content marketing can have devastating, and far-reaching consequences. It’s time for Muslims to flip the script.

MetaHomes App Offers Free Property Listing for All

UAE-based Real Estate platform is offering users the opportunity to list their properties for free for a limited time only.

Latest Articles

Indonesian President Talks Bi-lateral Trade with State Visit to UAE

President of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Joko Widodo begins his two day state visit to the UAE this week, with the expectation to further strengthen bilateral trade across the financial and energy sectors.

How Unhealthy Assumptions Cannibalises Islam

Author Mariya bint Rehan discusses the paradoxical outcomes of social media influencers' pantomimes of ‘Muslimness’ and argues that in doing so, Islam is often portrayed as ludicrous and absurd.

NYUAD Researchers Uncover Weather Insights on Giant Exoplanet

In a study recently published in Nature Astronomy, Researchers in Abu Dhabi detail how they used the James Webb Space Telescope's Mid-Infrared Instrument to observe the entire orbit of WASP-43b, a giant, gas-filled exoplanet.

The Lessons of Olympians and Those Who Dare

Special Olympics Pakistan Youth Leader and Athlete Humaira Kazim says that being inclusive means working together, playing together and trying to understand each other. Sports will do that.